My journey as a single mother.

It has been three years since my divorce and I am trying to get use to the idea of being a single woman again.  I was a married woman for  20 years of my life and since my divorce things have changed drastically.  There are times when I feel lonely and just want to give up.  I have those around me who love me unconditionally but there is still a void in my life. Instead of a two-household income now there is one. All of the household responsibilities are now layed upon me. Whenever my children are in need of anything, I have to provide. It gets lonely at times but I have started to adjust to my new journey of being a single woman again.


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My Journey as a retail sales gal.

It all started when I was 17 years old. I was a senior at Saint Joan Antida High School, looking for my first job. I would all ways stop by this little conveinent store down the street from my house, when one day my dad said,”Would you like to work here part-time? The manager said that you are such a delightful person and that he would love for you to work for him.” I was so excited! I applied and starting working right away. After about six months, CNA Insurance Company hired me to be a mail clerk. I worked both jobs until I started college that following year. After about a year at UW-Milwaukee, I applied for a job at J.C. Penney’s and was hired on the spot.  I worked there for about 2 years and then applied for a position at Sears Roebuck. I worked as a Retail Sales Cashier for about 3 years then decide to work for Marshall Fields. It has been 28 years since my first job as a cashier and I am still enjoying my job today. I love working with the public and Retail Sales has opened up so many doors for me. I will continue to do this indefinitely.

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The Spiritual Journey that has made me the woman I am today.

My spiritual journey started out when I was 7 years old. My parents were very religious people and so church was a big part of my life. I remember attending church several times a week. Our family was very active in the church. While my dad served as President of the Deacon Board, my mom served as President of the Mission Society. My three brothers and I were involved in the gospel choir, youth gathering, and other various programs that our church provided. I remember being the choir president, choir director, and church announcer. Holding these positions in church gave me a sense of belonging. I was involved in something positive and also serving my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.   Having this christian upbringing incorporated into my life taught me respect and moral values.  It helped me become the woman I am today.

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My very first trip to Honolulu, Hawaii.

     I will never forget the day my parents informed me that I would be going to Hawaii for my junior class trip. We had talked about it several months earlier but I never anticipated that taking that journey would become a reality. I, along with 50 juniors and seniors headed out on  Thursday April 9, 1978 via Flight Boehing 747  to Honolulu, Hawaii. I never imagined that this would become one of the best memories of my young adulthood life. I remember all of us boarding  this gigantic plane. It was my first time flying and I was in awe of how beautiful it was. As we scrambed  around to find our seats, my best friend Rachelle came and sat beside me. After about 20 minutes of chattering the stewardess announced that the plane would be taking off and commenced to giving us safety instructions. She explained about the various devices that we would be using in case there was a problem with the planes’ landing gear.  About 15 minutes in the air I noticed the most  beautiful fluffiest clouds flowing past me . My friends and I were so amazed . Once we landed in Honolulu we were greeted with kisses on our jaws and gorgeous leis around our necks. The Hawaiians treated us like princesses and we loved it!  I will never forget their hospitality! It was a trip that I will never forget!

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Returning to College after 28 years of raising a family.

During this period of my life I have been married, happily divorced, raised 8 beautifully educated children, and experienced just about everything a 48 year old woman could have experienced yet I was lacking one important aspect of my life. I yearned for my college degree. I have valued learning since I was a young child growing up in Milwaukee. My parents sent my brothers and I to the best private schools that they could afford and when I raised my children I wanted them to experience the same. I sent them to private grade schools and high schools in order to excel. I pushed them to reach their fullest potential. I raised them to never make excuses. I am proud to say the outcome was great! To college graduates, 4 in college, and 2 in high school is very impressive.  I have always tried to set an example for my children and in doing so I  returned to college too. I am finally leading by example and it feels fanastic.

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